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Music Club Provides Lunch for Del Webb and Boswell Hospitals' Environmental Services

 | Published on 5/28/2020

We have all seen ways in which our first responders, i.e., Doctors, Nurses, and Technicians, have been honored for the tremendous work they have been doing for those suffering due to Covid-19. But there is a group that has been mostly forgotten - those who clean the hospitals, emergency room, and the rooms of the sick patients. They are tasked with the dirty work to keep the hospital going and suffer through their own exposure as well as them exposing their families, but they get little recognition. They truly are unsung heroes during this time. We wanted to honor the people who are tasked with cleaning all the rooms, surfaces, and hazardous waste at the Del E Webb Banner Hospital near us.

Through the donation of the many, we raised enough money to bring individual meals for each member of the Environmental Services Department at both Banner Del Webb and Banner Boswell Hospitals. The meals were purchased from Chef Peter of Peter’s Bistro, a local eatery in Sun Village. We wanted to support the Bistro as they had been scheduled to provide a meal for the Grand Singers' year end cast party following our April concert, which obviously did not take place due to COVID. In addition, Chef Peter has kept his staff employed during this time of closure.

The hospital employees themselves were not able to come out due to their required presence for emergency cleanups. The supervisors, Maha from Del Webb and Jonathan from Boswell, could not have been more gracious. They oozed gratitude for us thinking of their teams.

Thanks to Eileen Tellefson, Desert Divas Director, and Pamela Weir, Grand Singers Director, for planning and coordinating this service effort.  And thanks to so many of our club members, we were able to support a local business and praise some of our unsung heroes! We still have some money left over to spread “thanks” in another way….so stay tuned!

Del Webb Hospital - waiting for food
Del Webb Hospital
Donna Mills, Maha of Environmental Services, and Eileen Tellefson
Del Webb Hospital - Unloading the van
Del Webb Hospital
Unloading the van
Del Webb Hospital - Delivering lunch
Del Webb Hospital
Delivering the meals

Boswell Hospital
Rose Lewis and Johnathan Hughes of Environmental Services, and Eileen Tellefson

Boswell Hospital
Loaded cart

Boswell Hospital
Thank you