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General qualifications to become an usher:

  • Dependable
  • Able to take directions
  • Pleasant personality
  • Helpful
  • Can take pressure

Ushers wear a white tux-type shirt (a shirt that can take a bow tie) with a black skirt/slacks/pants.  A black jacket or sweater may be worn if required for comfort.

  • Arrive at least 1 hour and fifteen minutes before each performance. Receive a general instruction handout.
  • All ushers will be given instructions concerning fire exits and procedures in the event of a fire
    or fire alarm.
  • Follow directions of head usher.
  • Defer to the head usher for any problems or issues.
  • Receive bow tie and ID tag and perhaps gloves/hats.
  • Attach row and seat identification.
  • Place a program on every chair.
  • Each usher will be given a location assignment.
    Example: Some ushers will be ticket checkers at the door; one or two ushers will be
    assigned to assist the handicapped, others will be assigned places throughout the room to direct patrons to their seats (not escort them).One or two ushers may be asked to assist with the lights and late arrivals.
  • After the performance begins, detain late patrons at the back of the room until there is a
    natural break in the performance (applause, etc.) and then quietly direct them to their row. (Small flashlights will be provided.)
  • Sit in your assigned seat for the performance.
  • After the performance, one row at a time, remove the seat and row identifications and place that row's IDs on the last seat in that row, keeping each row separate. The head usher will retrieve the IDs from the last seat in each row.
  • Retrieve all programs left on chairs and on floor. Discard all folded, crumpled programs but recycle all good programs.
  • Return usher ID tags, bow ties, gloves, and hats.


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