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The Music Club is using the GoDaddy email marketing product to deliver messages to our membership.


  1. The club e-mail messages will be addressed from Sun City Grand Music Club and use as the from address. Therefore, add Sun City Grand Music Club with to your email contacts.
    Never send email messages to this address, since no-one monitors this mailbox.

  2. If you have not received any club email messages:

    • Check your Junk e-mail/Spam and Delete/Trash folders for the messages. If you find the club messages in one of those folders, see item 1 above.

    • If the messages are not in any of these folders, check the Club Roster to see if the club has your correct email address.
      Report incorrect addresses to the Music Club Treasurer and the Email Distributer.

    • If you cannot access the Roster, you may not have paid the current year dues. Contact the Music Club Treasurer regarding all payment issues.

  3. If you have not received any Grand Singers messages, contact the Email Distributer. You are probably new to the Grand Singers or a returnng singer that has been away for a while.

  4. If are no longer in the Grand Singers and want to stop recieving their messages, contact the Email Distributer.

  5. Many of the messages will contain a club header image like the header at the top of this webpage. The message may also contain other images and/or buttons for links to other documents. To see the images right click on the box for the image and select the download pictures option. To open linked documents left click on the button. If that doesn't, work right click and select the open hyperlink option.

  6. There will alwasys be three buttons at the bottom of each message. They are:
    • Web Version - click this button to view the message in your internet browser. This will clear-up any problems your email software may have in displaying the message.

    • Forward - click this button to forward the message to another person or persons. Use this function to forward show ads to family and friends.

    • Unsubscribe - if you click this button you will no longer receive Music Club emails, including Grand Singers emails..

  7. NEVER CLICK your email REPLY option. If you do, you will receive the following message:
    "This is an automated email distribution system. No-one is monitoring emails sent to this address.
    Please review the original email message for the appropirate contact information."

    All replies to the email should be addressed to the person who wrote the message. Their name will be in the email message, as well as, their telephone number and/or email address.


The following list describes the kinds of messages that will be distributed to Music Club Members.

  1. Music Club meeting notice, including agendas, minutes and other documents related to the meeting.

  2. Music Club social function notice

  3. Audition notice for Music Club show

  4. Request for Music Club volunteers

  5. Treasurer’s request for annual Budget information

  6. E-blast advertisement for a show/event sponsored by the SCG Music Club received from Internal Publicity or the show’s Producer.

  7. Death notice of a member or member’s immediate family and related messages from member/member’s family

  8. Thank you message for gift/award received from the Club

  9. Notice of a very serious accident/illness of an active member. This type of message must be approved by the Music Club president.

  10. Message to the Grand Singers from the Grand Singers Council President, Director or Assistant Director that is related to rehearsals and performances

  11. Message to the Grand Singers from the GS Librarian regarding sale of music

  12. Drama and Comedy Club advertisements for their shows and open auditions, when requested by their club president or their liaison to the Music Club board

Exceptions to these items must be approved by the Music Club President.

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